Tips and Tricks for all users: What is she wearing?

We all have been around Second Life and seen an outfit that raises your brow and makes you go, "Oh wow. I love that... who makes it..." So like anyone else who has been around awhile, you try and right click it and it doesn't work. so you try clicking the laces on the dress, frantically looking for the spot with the info on it.... Well my friends, I tell you right now you don't have to do this anymore, if you use Firestorm... And no you don't have to ask the person because, albeit every once in awhile, you run into the douche who is a jerk about you asking about "THEIR" style and chastises you to "look it up yourself." Like they own the rights to be the only one to find something. Yes I have run into people like this. But never again do you have to deal with that. I have a way to make you even more anti-social (joking of course.)

So to start, you are going to click world at the top of the screen and there is a drop down menu that comes down.

Click on Area search then you will see 4 tabs. Click on Filter. Then under exclude objects, you will see attachments is highlighted. Well since we WANT to know attachments of people we want that UNCHECKED like so. And then under Only list objects that are: we want to highlight attachments cause that is the goal.

After you have selected these filters. Its simply a matter of finding their owners. In this case we will use myself, when looking for someone you need to use their Resident Name this is the name in (parenthesis) in my case it would be babygirllucci. So we go back to the list tab and enter that in OWNER window like this image shows. Now remember I'm doing this cause I'm in the sim. So you need to be within the same sim as the person.

And when we hit enter or search at the bottom left. This is what populates:

and now you can see ALL my attachments without spending money on on huds and things designed to sap you of your hard earned money. Its built right into Firestorm for you. Now, one thing i will say. Don't be that person who just copies everyone's look all the time. But if someone is wearing a cute outfit... Hey now you know what its called without bothering the elitists. So that's my tip of the day boys and girls. Happy Area Searching.

Stacey Lucciano.


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